Scarf refashioning bonanza!

I am lucky enough to have another submission in the Simply Sewing magazine issue no. 58.

It is a refashioning DIY of one of the many scarves I had at home into a cute tube dress – perfect for the beach.

I still have quite a lot of those scarves, they are often in the thrift shop I go to, and lovely patterns and prints are just too hard to resist for me.

Recently I saw one of my friends and she was wearing an awesome tier dress in a beautiful floaty fabric. It was out of my price range, and I thought I could do something like it with my many scarves. And thus the tiered dress factory began.

I love the dresses and will live in them this summer. I also made some for the girls.

Some of them are in two layers because the fabric is too see-through, and with some of them I have made an inner layer from – guess what – more scarf fabric!

The scarves are different in sizes, so some of them have been cut a bit imaginatively, and off course they could be made even longer for a full length version. Each tier has to be wider than the previous, so there is enough to gather from – so there is lots of width and floatiness.

I made a pattern from a wide too for the top bit and the sleeves. The neckline is finished with bias tape in contrasting colours. Sleeves are made differently according to how much scarf fabric was available.

The layers coming were just made from the fabric that (kinda) matched and fitted in width.

I also made one short top – that works well too.

I love the boheme look, the pattern mis-matchiness, and that I could use some of the many scarves I had in store for some dresses that have already been named favourites in the wardrobe for summer. Refashioning is one of my favourite things to do – to be both sustainable not throwing clothes away and use creativity to make something great.

Here I have used my pattern for a dress in a very light fabric on sale at Stoffstil. It is very sheer but with bike shorts underneath it´s fine. And super airy and light for this hot weather.

I hope this will inspire you to make something awesome. Happy making!

My Simply Sewing dream come true


In all the hardship that life also seems to be I have thrown myself into work. I have written about the thoughts on that before here .

Grief is a bitch , it´s lonely, and it is so unfair and heartbreaking that my little brother will be gone forever. Thoughts and memories hurt, and when it gets too much, I have just DONE stuff. DOING, CREATING and MAKING while listening to beautiful music and slowly letting thoughts go through me has helped me.

Craft and work seems to help my soul at least.

It also means that I have been able to check a lot of things of my neverending project-lists. One of them was to send some samples of my work to Simply Sewing, one of my favourite magazines. They accepted  – and now it is finally real.

I was proud, and even though joy feels so much different this year, I still let myself feel happy about it. My brother was not interested in sewing, but he was always so kind to ask to the many projects I had going on, and I am sure he would have been proud too.

To be a contributor to Simply Sewing issue no. 57 is a dream come true. Having a sewing book out in Danish was also really amazing, but this is so much fun. A little project on the pages makes me excited.

I hope you readers will like the no-pattern easy-make styles that are my trademark. T is my wish that it helps a lot more feel free enough to be creative.

I look forward to next month where there will be another DIY out


For Danish readers – it´s really hard to get hold of the magazine in shops, such a shame, but you can read it electronically (for free) through menay libraries, check it out here or through your library branch.

Gifts for the sewing room

Gifted stuff from Stoffstill

I received some gifts from Stoffstil earlier in the Spring, and I have not gotten round to making or showing you it all. That is something I will get to now.

It is always great to do collaborations, and I love most of the fabrics and accessories Stoffstil bring out.

I received some glitter folding elastic for jumper edges, and I just love it. Normally I find it great and super quick way to finish of a beautiful skirt with their glitter elastic tape. No tubing or anything. Just straight on – and it´s glittery! What´s not to like. This tyoe does not have enough strength to use as a waistband elastic – it´s not what it´s meant for, but I found a way to use it for that anyway. I just put a strong elastic band inside it. Works well and looks good.

With it I refashioned a skirt from the thriftshop. Suddenly that became a whole new fashionable item, just to my liking.

I also received a sequin patch with a cool tiger.  You can see loads more here.

It was quite big, and I could have put it on a jumper, but I wanted to do something different. So I made a bag. The fake black suede and the strap is also from Stoffstil.

I made it without pattern, and for once I took the time to put a lining inside with pockets! It´s great. For once I can always find my phone and lipstick. The patch is to be ironed on, but I like to play it safe so I also stitched it on.

Entering the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards

Pinterest Skandimama.jpg

Deep breath.

This is huge, but I am going to do it anyway. This is a dream – and I love Mollie Makes, so I just have to enter this year.

I am entering in the Handmade Champion Award, and you can check out my pinterest board for entry here.

A big part of the motivation to do it has come from the fact that I for the next 3 issues will have DIYs in the Simply Sewing Magazine. A wish come true. So perhaps it´s ok to start believing in more good things.

(That is also why the blog is changing from Danish to English.)

I hope to get considered. Best of luck to all the applicants. Bring on a crafty summer!

The family that sews together stays together

The otherday I had my cousin and her two daugthers over. My cousin is like the bigsister I always dreamt of, and I enjoy hanging out with her now just as much aswhen I was a little kid.

Her oldestdaughter is such a good kid – and her youngest and my two girls just playtogether so well. It´s really cosy.

They hadbeen shopping for fabric and came over to us for a fun Sunday sewing time. In 5hours we made 12 garments! Crazy. A lot of skirts, some t.shirts and these cooltrousers that you can see here. Oh, and lots of little things for the dolls andthe playhouse. Creative time when it´s best.

So awesome.

Baby pink joy

Danish below.

This fabric was a gift.

In the line-up of new styles made in the beautiful fabric from Stoffstil I have now reached the baby pink brushed jersey with dots.

It´s so lovely. It even has a bit of glitter on it.

I received 1,5 meters and with a bit of magic there was exactly enough for a dress for me and a blouse for Roxie.

The dress is cut from a different model that I made in the cute cat fabric, also from Stoffstil. I cut in in one piece without the raglan sleeves. There was not quite enough fabric to make the sleeves as long as I wanted doing it that way, so I added some extra fabric from some of the off-cuts for some longer sleeve(age – haha.)

The blouse for Roxie is made with ruffled sleeves and a ruffled edge at the bottom. She is not always crazy about everything I make for her, like she once was, but this one is a hit. It´s on at school and and again as soon as it is washed and ready.

I also love my dress. I love the loose look. Comfy always wins for me.

On both of them I have made the neckline in the same fabric but with the backside turned outwards. I did not feel like having the glitter that close to my skin, and I really like that little bit of contrast it makes.

Stof fra indlæg er en gave.

I kavalkaden af nye styles syet i det fine stof fra Stof og Stil er jeg nu nået til den baby pink isoli med bomber. Den er så fin. Der er endda glimmer på.

Jeg fik 1,5 meter, og der var med lidt fusk lige nok til en kjole til mig og en bluse til Roxie.

Kjolen er klippet fra en anden model i det fine vinkekattestof, også fra Stof & Stil, og jeg klippede den bare ud i et, uden raglanærmer. Der var ikke helt nok stof til at lave ærmerne i den ønskede længde på den måde, så jeg lagde lidt ekstra til fra nogle af de mindre rester fra stoffet.

Blusen til Roxie blev lavet med flæseærmer og flæsekant forneden. Hun er helt vild med den. Det er ikke alting jeg syr, hun bare elsker, som hun gjorde det engang. Men denne er et hit. Den kommer på i skolen, så snart den er vasket igen.

Jeg er også vild med min kjole. Jeg elsker det løse look. Comfy vinder altid for mig.

På begge har jeg lavet halskanten af det samme stof med foldet med bagsiden ud af. Jeg havde ikke lyst til at have glimmeret helt tæt på huden, og jeg synes den lille kontrast, der er i det, giver en fin effekt.

Making my dress

Making the blouse for Roxie

I´m Every Woman

Når jeg ikke syr, er verdens skrappeste mor, eller går rundt i tristesse, så læser jeg sommetider tegneserier. Jeg er nok meget kræsen med, hvad jeg kan lide, men jeg ville ikke snyde jer for den nyeste mest fantastiske og oplysende læsning. Hvis den bare kunne komme på pensumlisten overalt.

Jeg linker her til Metronat, hvor jeg skrev anmeldelsen til, og jeg vil give mine varmeste anbefalinger. Gå endelig ind på siden, og læs hele anmeldelsen. Det er så eminent, morsom og vigtig en bog.

Liv Strømquist tegner og fortæller med nye vinkler på kvindesag både i popkulturelle som videnskabelige områder. Dét vil du gerne læse. Du kommer til at grine og sukke. (Og det er endda en to´er, så der er også en meget vigtig et´ter.  Det betyder bare, mere god læsning til dig.)

Tegningerne er fantastiske. Det er jo sådan, det er i virkeligheden, uden filter.

  • Og min gode mand griner også. Imens han overvejer, hvordan han kan gøre verden til et bedre sted for både døtre og sønner i fremtiden.