Decorate the house for Christmas

Decorate the house for Christmas

Decorate the house for Christmas Decorate the house for Christmas

To decorate the house for Christmas is one of the best parts of the season

Last year I was not in the mood to decorate the house for Christmas at all, and all we actually put up was just a tiny pink plastic tree. It seems to be lost now, even though I would love to see it in the new house. Perhaps I will find it in a box in 6 months’ time…

But this year, we live in a new old house, and that house was partially bought because I thought the downstairs living room would look amazing in Winter with snow and all.

So far, no snow, but it still looks cozy.


How to decorate the house for Christmas with bling, homemade stuff, and kitsch

My style when decorating the house for Christmas is maximalist and creatively messy like the rest of my decorating. I am sentimental with old ornaments, I like new things, I adore homemade stuff, which means, there is a lot happening. No color coordinated simple yet beautiful decorations. It is an explosion of stuff.

And I do not have a lot of rules. I enjoy things that make me happy, beautiful colors, things where I can tell that time and effort – and love has been put in, and also I go nuts for things that make me laugh.

That is why I can never throw away the old elves from my granny, even though some of them have lost limbs and hair. They are retro vintage awesomeness. Even though my visitors so not always understand.


The plastic tree – an important part of my Christmas decorations

I live in Denmark where the natural Christmas tree is an important tradition when you decorate the house for Christmas. There are two types of tree sorts that you can choose from. That is what I have grown up with. 5 years ago, no one here had a plastic tree.

Apart from us. We bought one so we could decorate it earlier and have it up all December without needles shedding. It was pure Disney Chip & Dale mood, and we could fit so many decorations on it.

We still use it, and for sustainability reasons it is also important that you do. Both natural and plastic trees affect the environment when produced, so keep using the plastic one, year after year, to make it a good sustainable solution.


Decorate the house for Christmas

Homemade Christmas wreaths

Homemade Christmas wreaths are also an important part of how I decorate the house for Christmas, and I have made an earlier post on making them here. Last year I made some more and now they are taking the mantel place above the fireplace. I love them, how kitschy, blingy and colorful they are, and how much the make me smile.

It does not take a lot to make them. Some leftover decorations and ornaments, funny or cute little toys or figurines, some glitter, paint, or string, and then of course the wreaths. I do not think we have space for more, but they are just always so fun to make.


I hope you enjoyed my little tour of the house and how I decorate it for Christmas. Happy December!


Decorate the house for Christmas Decorate the house for Christmas


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