How to a make a bomber jacket and hack a longer version

Reklame/partly sponsored fabric and trimmings

#makenine part 5 of 5 – all done now!

bomber jacket

The last project in the #makenine challenge . It is time to show the bomber jacket pattern from Stoffstil .

I had the pleasure earlier in the year to test some patterns from Stoffstil and I found out how easy and nice their patterns were. No cutting needed. The pattern pieces are just ready to go in the ordered size. That is pretty cool. Especially for a corner-cutter like myself.

I got one of their patterns last year for a bomber jacket, but just did not get round to using it, so I decided I wanted to do that now.


The bomber jacket

I made one version following the pattern exactly using some very cool printed velour, zipper and trimmings from Stoffstil. I am very happy about it. The velour is comfy and beautiful, and I love combining the two prints and taking some time and effort to actually think about the pattern placing so the birds on the print are in the perfect place.

I have just ordered the pattern in my kids´ sizes, so I can make some more, they were very impressed with it. I hope they will be happy to get their own.


bomber jacket bomber jacket

The hack

I also wanted to hack the pattern a bit and make a longer version with some quilted fabric I bought from Stoffstil. It has  flower print on the front and black polyester on the back, so there is no need to line it, which made it a simple and quick make.

It is a great coat for the colder Spring days, where its is nice to be wrapped up warm – but super light. The coat weighs almost nothing. I also added pockets! Pockets! Which are awesome.


The challenge

I have really enjoyed doing this challenge and making clothes from other patterns that just my own hacking. It has been fun, and I am sure I will do it again.

2 thoughts on “How to a make a bomber jacket and hack a longer version

  1. I really like this hacked version, when I decided to buy the fabric to this (I has already seen it on Insta) the fabric was gone!

    1. Thank you Judit,
      Yes, it´s annoying when it gets snapped up to quickly. That has happened to me too 🙂

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