2 Refashioning style skirts

Refashioning style skirts

Refashioning style skirts that are so easy

As I showed in a previous post, I have some Refashiong DIYS just waiting to show you. To me refashioning or upcycling is part of being somewhat sustainable, and not always buying new fabric but using old stuff to make new things. Nice things. So that´s why I wanted to show you.

The photos are from a photoshoot last fall with my brilliant friend Saloh – you can check out more of her beautiful on instagram here. I had friends and family help model, and it was just such a cosy day. You can read about in (in Danish) and watch some behind the scenes snaps here.

The gorgeous models for this project of Refashioning style skirts are Amalie and Julie. A huge thanks to them.


My DIY instructions for these refashioning style skirts are very simple, and I hope you still feel safe to try. But the good thing about making new clothes from old ones, is that it feels more ok to just go ahead and try. You don´t have to worry that much. Practise makes perfect – or practice makes cool fun and alright.

One of the skirts is made from a dress, that is cut off above the waist (it is wide enough for that to work). Then some tuille is added and some fabric and elastic for the waist.

Instant part dress.

The next one of the refashioning style skirts is an olde tie dye batik tablecloth. It was round already, so I did not even need to do any hemming. So great.

Just fold the tablecloth into a  square and cut a whole that will fit your widest point – normally the hips. Then add fabric and elastic for the waist – and it´s done.

so cute and so easy!

Refashioning style skirtsRefashioning style skirts


Refashioning style skirtsRefashioning style skirtsRefashioning style skirts

Yes, that’s me. Super glam in curlers.. I also did some of the modelling. So had to get ready 🙂 We had a fun day!

Refashioning style skirtsRefashioning style skirts

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