Sewing stuff for the girls

I just have a few more items to show you. Since they are photographed aI might as well put them on here.

The first is the cutest top with fabric from one of my absolute favourite fabric heavens – Schønberg I wrote about finding the fabric long time ago here.  It´s a lovely shop with great staff and you always walk away with far too much because it´s so hard to choose.

It´s a very simple model, just cut in one piece after a t-shirt and with the openings folded outwards and stitched on. My favourite and fastest way to do it. And I like the look of it.

I love bunnies, and the simple style is great. If the fabric piece was bigger I would have made it for myself, but instead it went to my youngest.


I also had some fabric from a Christmas present from Stoffstil lying around. I was not quite sure about what to make with it, then it turned out both Roxie and Jolina liked the print, so the 1,5 meters had to be shared between them somehow.

It turned into jumper for Roxie and a pair of flares (in fashion again!) for Jolina (they are now to short because she grows legs as crazy as her dad´s, so it will be a full set for Roxie soon..

The print is lovely with pastel feathers. I am generally impressed with their prints at Stoffstill. So much has changed since I went to design school in 2002-2004 and lived right next to their headquarters. I loved them back then too because they were cheap and I was a student, but they are way more on the beat now, I think.

My Simply Sewing dream come true


In all the hardship that life also seems to be I have thrown myself into work. I have written about the thoughts on that before here .

Grief is a bitch , it´s lonely, and it is so unfair and heartbreaking that my little brother will be gone forever. Thoughts and memories hurt, and when it gets too much, I have just DONE stuff. DOING, CREATING and MAKING while listening to beautiful music and slowly letting thoughts go through me has helped me.

Craft and work seems to help my soul at least.

It also means that I have been able to check a lot of things of my neverending project-lists. One of them was to send some samples of my work to Simply Sewing, one of my favourite magazines. They accepted  – and now it is finally real.

I was proud, and even though joy feels so much different this year, I still let myself feel happy about it. My brother was not interested in sewing, but he was always so kind to ask to the many projects I had going on, and I am sure he would have been proud too.

To be a contributor to Simply Sewing issue no. 57 is a dream come true. Having a sewing book out in Danish was also really amazing, but this is so much fun. A little project on the pages makes me excited.

I hope you readers will like the no-pattern easy-make styles that are my trademark. T is my wish that it helps a lot more feel free enough to be creative.

I look forward to next month where there will be another DIY out


For Danish readers – it´s really hard to get hold of the magazine in shops, such a shame, but you can read it electronically (for free) through menay libraries, check it out here or through your library branch.

I love velour – even in the Summer

Gifted fabric from Stoffstill

I had some green jungle velour left over from this Kimono. Not very much but just a few little scraps. Just enough for a banana bag. For the strap I used some glitter elastic foldable ribbon. I put a non-stretchy tape inside so it stays the same length. It works quite well and I think the glitter and jungle velour are a great match. Also – look at the beautiful zipper! Who knew zippers could look that awesome.

This is me with the bag. Turning into the blogger wife from hell. Asking poor Alan to take weird pictures of me weird places.

I had to make a little zipper purse as well. That was the very last scrap used. Seriously love this fabric, so I will enjoy having that to look at every time I need to find plasters, paracetamols or mints.

And – more velour!


– And even though it is a bit warm these days, I want to stay in the velour department. I got this beautiful bottle green stretch velour, and I managed to make two very nice things. I was a bit selfish and focused on a me-make first. I made some comfy trousers from a pair I knew had a nice fit.

From the leftovers and a tiny piece of stretchy glitter fabric I made a dress for my oldest. It has been for favourite dress in the cold part of Spring, and I am sure she will get back to it later in the year. I was unsure whether she would find it too cute and not cool enough (she´s nine..) but then I thought it at least would make her sister happy, but she really liked it. I think I will make a pattern of it and bring out some more versions of it, since it worked so well.

Gifts for the sewing room

Gifted stuff from Stoffstill

I received some gifts from Stoffstil earlier in the Spring, and I have not gotten round to making or showing you it all. That is something I will get to now.

It is always great to do collaborations, and I love most of the fabrics and accessories Stoffstil bring out.

I received some glitter folding elastic for jumper edges, and I just love it. Normally I find it great and super quick way to finish of a beautiful skirt with their glitter elastic tape. No tubing or anything. Just straight on – and it´s glittery! What´s not to like. This tyoe does not have enough strength to use as a waistband elastic – it´s not what it´s meant for, but I found a way to use it for that anyway. I just put a strong elastic band inside it. Works well and looks good.

With it I refashioned a skirt from the thriftshop. Suddenly that became a whole new fashionable item, just to my liking.

I also received a sequin patch with a cool tiger.  You can see loads more here.

It was quite big, and I could have put it on a jumper, but I wanted to do something different. So I made a bag. The fake black suede and the strap is also from Stoffstil.

I made it without pattern, and for once I took the time to put a lining inside with pockets! It´s great. For once I can always find my phone and lipstick. The patch is to be ironed on, but I like to play it safe so I also stitched it on.

2 Refashioning styles for kids

Time to show 2 refashioning styles more.

My oldest Jolina models the leggins, and she had a lot of fun doing that.

My friend Fine´s daughter Marie is the cute model of the long shirt. She is adorable. Fine and I met up in the weekend and our 4 girls played together so well. They are just great, and I was so happy they wanted to help me this day.

It´s still my brilliant friend Saloh doing the photography. Hope we can do another project some other time.

As I wrote last time – the DIY instructions are very simple, and I just hope you have some old clothes to get started with. Perhaps you can make something really awesome for some cute little ones you know.


2 Refashioning style skirts

As I showed in a previous post, I have some Refashiong DIYS just waiting to show you. To me refashioning or upcycling is part of being somewhat sustainable, and not always buying new fabric but using old stuff to make new things. Nice things. So that´s why I wanted to show you.

The photos are from a photoshoot last fall with my brilliant friend Saloh – you can check out more of her beautiful on instagram here. I had friends and family help model, and it was just such a cosy day. You can read about in (in Danish) and watch some behind the scenes snaps here.

The gorgeous models are Amalie and Julie. A huge thanks to them.

My DIY instructions are very simple, and I hope you still feel safe to try. But the good thing about making new clothes from old ones, is that it feels more ok to just go ahead and try. You don´t have to worry that much. Practise makes perfect – or practice makes cool fun and alright.


Yes, that’s me. Super glam in curlers.. I also did some of the modelling. So had to get ready :) We had a fun day!

More speedy sewing from the sewing book

I have done another set from the sewing book.

It´s a matching set – so beautiful and gran-like in the best possible way. Can be worn with the top in or out. The waistband is a beautiful glitter elastic from Stoffstil, so it´s quite alright to show off. I love glitter.

The fabric is another woven viscose from Stoffstill, no present – I just bought it cause I love the quality and pattern, and it´s a dream to wear in this lovely warm summer weather that we now suddenly have here in Denmark.

The top is made super quick from the pattern to the loose fit dress. I cut it quite short to make a boxy feel to the blouse.

The skirt is from the long A-line model. Not entirely floor length, but a nice midi length.

(I know I wrote maxi on the overview, silly me..) The midi is quite the fashionable length at the moment, and even though I refuse to be a slave to fashion – I just really like it! It´s so relaxed and chilled, just a fun length. And you don´t fall and trip in it, like I sometimes do with maxi length skirts..

I am a dork !

See just how comfy and nice it is..

For Danish readers you can buy the book here. The discount code is still here: karoline

That gives a 20 % discount and free shipping until the 1st of August